Training Tips: Dogs & Holidays

What to do with your dog while you are on holiday?

  1. Check out kennels/housesitters in advanced by going to see the set up and be sure your happy with how things are done.  Recommendations by freinds are a good sign.
  2. Book the kennels or house sitter in advanced as the good ones are always busy.
  3. Make sure you put the contact details of the kennel/housesitter on the indentity tag as should the dog get out it will be thier address and NOT your home address which is required.
  4. If you are taking your dog on holiday with you then put the holiday accomodation details on the identity tag.
  5. Give all medication/special requirements information to the kennel owner/housesitter along with your vets details.
  6. When taking dogs on holiday with you find out the nearest vet to your accomodation so that in an emergancy the details are to hand.
  7. Inform the microchip and Tattooist of your holiday and where the dog will be staying as they will only have your home details.
  8. Take a dog first aid kit with you on holiday which maybe purchased from Animal Aiders(See links page of On the Scent website).
  9. If your dog is staying locally to your home then inform your vet of the person minding your dog whilst you are away.
  10. Remember when taking your dog on holiday to take there own basket and bedding and to respect the property where you are staying.