On the Radio

Sophia Taylor giving advice to dog owners about fireworks, on BBC Radio Suffolk

Sophia Taylor appearing on the James Hazell show on BBC Radio Suffolk. She gives advice on how to prepare your pets in advance so that they’re not disturbed by fireworks, especially on bonfire night or New Year’s Eve.

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On the Scent and Feisty Fidos visit BBC Radio Suffolk

Earlier in 2008 Teresa and I were invited by Suffolk Radio to help thier Sports commentator Brenner Wooley and his girlfreind Jess with their dog Tilly with regards to her anxious behaviour and for the training to go on air in the hope of giving listeners hope for their own dogs which maybe having problems to go and seek help from the right people.

We thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and hope those of you who take the time to listen to the clips will also enjoy listening to them.

On behalf of ‘On the Scent’ and ‘Feisty Fidos’, Thank you to every one who has emailed us with encouraging feedback and who have since joined us either for the classes or used our other services we provide in Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex and Cambridgeshire.

Two clips, each about 40 minutes long:

Clip One: On the Scent, On the Sofa, with Lesley Dolphin (listen on Podmatic)
Sophia and Teresa being interviewed by Lesley Dolphin for her lunch time programme ‘On the Sofa with Lesley Dolphin’.

Clip Two: James Hazell talking with Sophia; The visit to Brenner’s home (listen on Podmatic)
James Hazell introducing Brenner, Tilly and myself to the listeners ready for the training series, plus Teresa and I embarking on the home visit followed by the training at the venue near Bury St. Edmunds