Our Classes on offer and 2020 Events

General Information

All classes are booked in advance after taster session and payable by BACS and our bank details maybe found in number 13 of our Terms and Conditions. All puppies and adult dogs must have an up to date vaccination record if they wish to come to our venue. Proof of this is requested on the first visit; without it, you may not be able to take part in the classes unless we can contact your vet by telephone on the day.

Dogs which are not vaccinated will not be permitted onto the site however, we can arrange training off the venue.

Please note we do accept three yearly vaccinations providing lepto is given annually.

Classes are held at our outdoor venue between Stowmarket and Bury St Edmunds, close to the A14.

Class sizes

– We endeavour to keep the puppy class size to a maximum of 8 – 10 puppies.
– Further learning classes to a maximum of 15 dogs but the average is up to 10 dogs.
– The agility classes to a maximum of 10 dogs.
– The training workshops are from 6 to 10 dogs, depending on the workshop being held.

-Parkour, Bloopers hoopers and Rally obedience classes are kept to maximum of 8 – 10 dogs.

-All other disciplines to a maximum of 10 dogs.

Step 1b: Private & One-to-One Clients: Please read our One-to-One information sheet.

Step 2: Download the Booking Form (PDF)

Please download, print and complete this booking form once you have reserved your place on one of our courses and bring it with you with your payment.  Please do not email it to us.  Thank you.

Please note that as of January 2019 we no longer take cheques as payment despite the information on the booking form.  Payment is by BACS only and account details maybe found in section 13 of our terms and conditions.  Many thanks.

Classes and other Activities we offer

Puppy socialisation and further learning classes

The classes are for puppies from once they have completed their vaccination course up to senior years of age. In brief we cover sit, down, stand, recall away from play and walking nicely on a loose leash along with life skill training and whistle training.

Classes are run on a ten consecutive week basis, and last for 45 minutes per class.

Beginners Class

For puppies who have completed the puppy course.  This class is on a Saturday only at 10.15 am.

Beginners / Fun dog agility

Classes are held all the year round unless the weather stops play!

Fun Dog Agility – Booked in blocks of 10 consecutive weeks. From beginners upwards.
– Dogs must be at least a year old, fit and not over weight.
– For the dog owners, agility is a great way to keep fit, but I have to say once the dogs know what they are doing, very often the owners get left behind!

Dog Agility is very good for the Working Gun dog too, where their owners wish to get their dogs fit for the next Shooting season or keep them fit throughout the Summer months after a busy Shooting season.  It’s an excellent way for dog and handler to relax and have fun!

We are not for those who wish to take part in competitions but can recommend other agility schools who do compete.  We teach Fun Safe agility on the correct equipment for those who wish to add another activity to their dogs life.

Many working dogs and their owners will do this fun sport between March and September as it helps to keep the dog’s brain active and the body fit… it also helps keep the owners fit for purpose too! Between May and September we offer Agility and Parkour parties.

Training workshops

Fun events for both the guardian and their dog who has specific training needs like their canine companion pulling on the lead, recall issues, through to those guardians who would like to learn more about ’Clicker’ training or other canine activities available but who are unable to commit to a 10 week training term.

The workshops are held periodically and last from two hours upwards.
Days and times maybe found below under the Events for 2019.  Alternatively see our Face Book page ‘On the Scent dog training’ Suffolk.

Private tuition

Prices are charged at £70 for the first one and a half  hours consultation and then £45 per hour for all other sessions or clients may book either five or ten consecutive lessons to get a discount.  Private lessons are very popular for those needing a more tailored approach specific for their own needs.  From mouthing, jumping up and poor recall to pulling on the lead and lack of focus.

Home visits

These are for new puppy/dog owners who are experiencing a few issues at home or who feel they would benefit from a little guidance and help with their new family member, or indeed for those who may not have had a dog in a long while and are struggling with their new companion.  These home visits are extremely beneficial to the new puppy dog owner who may enjoy getting one step ahead before attending classes.

There is no doubt that puppies are hard work and many clients have been thrilled to have taken the opportunity to have a home visit to tackle some of the challenges they were experiencing.

These visits are also beneficial for those owners having behaviour problems with their adult dog.

 Canine Parkour

Canine Parkour is a super new sport from the USA.  There is currently one other dog school offering Parkour in East Anglia.  We offer Parkour as another fun activity for you and your dog.  Apart from being great fun, it is also brilliant for nervous dogs, reactive dogs, hyper dogs, confidence building and to be honest to help create and even stronger bond between dog and owner.

Dogs of all ages and breed types are able to do parkour at ground level.  larger and fitter dogs are able to go on to the higher equipment available here.

It is also very helpful for building up muscle tone on dogs which have had joint injuries and have been signed off from their veterinary surgeon and for dogs for who agility is not suitable. Contact us for more details.

Rally Obedience

New for 2019.  Class times and days to be confirmed.  This will be for fun and not for competition.

Bloopers Hoopers

Fun and games through hoops, round barrels and through tunnels.  A low impact sport for any dog of any age and any breed. FUN FUN FUN all the way.

Canine Golden Years.

No one likes to think of their dog getting older but sadly that is one thing all animals and humans do, God willing health and fitness allowing.

These sessions are for the older dog or the less mobile canine companion or dogs who have never been asked to exercise their brain.

Do not be mistaken, you can teach an older dog new tricks!

These fun sessions are for dogs from the age of 8 years of age or dogs with limited movement or partial deafness.

These groups will involve, scent work, parkour, bloopers hoopers, seated training games or rally obedience at a gentle pace.

Class times


Day time only:   Open for Private lessons but do call for other days and times available.


Puppy Class:                                                                  11.15 am
Intermediate:                                                                12.15 pm
Advanced:                                                                        1.15 pm


Beginners class:  for Puppies 6-12 months of age 10.15 am
Puppy Class:                                                                  11.15 am
Intermediate:                                                                12.15 pm
Advanced:                                                                        1.15 pm


Sunday Fun Day                   

Agility:                                                                              11.15  am

Parkour:         Every two weeks                                   11.15  am

Bloopers Hoopers:    Every two weeks                   11.15 am



Agility:                                                                              11.15 am and 12.30 pm




Agility:                                                                             11.15  am and 2.00 pm


April to September:  Canine activity night.  Alternate weeks.  6.45 pm for approx one hour.  Parkour, Bloopers Hoopers, Rally obedience, scent work, seated training games which ever you fancy doing on the night.  The main aim is to have ~FUN xxx

Golden years, Fit and Fun:  Alternate weeks as above and also using balance cushions and wobble boards where appropriate to help improve balance and maintain fitness level.

EVENTS coming up in 2020.  Watch this space as more events are posted.  To avoid disappointed we suggest you register your interest early as places are limited.

2020 Focus and distraction training.
Great Ashfield, Bury St. Edmunds
Apr 11, 2020, 11:00 AM
2020 Scent Workshop.
Great Ashfield, Bury St. Edmunds
May 3, 2020, 2:00 PM
2020 Recall Training Workshop
Great Ashfield, Bury St. Edmunds
May 4, 2020, 11:15 AM
2020 Loose Leash Walking
Great Ashfield, Bury St. Edmunds
May 24, 2020, 2:30 PM
2020 Tricks Training
Great Ashfield, Bury St. Edmunds
Jun 28, 2020, 2:30 PM
2020 Activity Time.
Great Ashfield, Bury St. Edmunds
Jul 26, 2020, 2:30 PM


Arriving to Class:

Please arrive 10 minutes before your class is due to start so you can get your dog settled as we do start on time and this saves disruption to other clients and their dogs.  On your first visit please KEEP YOUR DOG IN YOUR CAR until we have seen your dogs vaccination record.  It is greatly appreciated that you would all please keep your dog(s) on lead at ALL times.  Thank you.



Products for Sale

Treats and Chews

We currently sell the Antos range of dog treats and chews and hope to be increasing our range of other products in time.  Please do not hesitate to ask for further details.


We will only be selling ‘Natural’ treats with no artificial colouring’s or flavourings.

We are also happy to promote the following  dog foods.  A dry food diet and a raw food diet because we appreciate that like us all dogs are different and also not all dog owners will want to feed raw if they do not like handling raw food.

ARDEN GRANGE complete dry food.

FORTHGLADE steamed tray food.

LAUGHING DOG baked mixer biscuit.

NATURAL INSTINCT – Complete raw food from puppy hood to the senior years.

Please note that there are many good dog foods on the market to suit every pocket.  The foods I mention I can say that I have seen great results with both with our own dogs and with clients dogs.