Terms and conditions for class clients

On the Scent Terms and Conditions.  Updated Monday 8th April 2024

Please Read Carefully

We hope you will all enjoy our classes and your chosen activity with your dogs.  However, we do need to have a few terms and conditions to keep you and your companion safe whilst you visit us.

They are very important so please read them carefully and download for future reference as when you sign the booking form and/or pay for your activity you are stating you have read them and fully understand them.

Therefore we ask the following:

1. NO SMOKING in any areas whilst on the premises.

2. We ask that you respect our premises and by keeping ALL dogs ON LEAD BEFORE getting out of the car unless instructed otherwise as we have livestock and cats here on the premises.  It doesn’t matter how well behaved your companion is, dogs are not robots.

3. PLEASE bring your own pooh bags and clear up after your dog and TAKE IT HOME with you and dispose of properly. We like to keep our venue as tidy and clean as possible.

4. DRIVE DEAD SLOW 5- 10 mph through the yard leading to the ‘On the Scent’ car park as workers, children and dogs use the same yard regularly.  It is a working industrial area.

5. Bring water for your dog(s) especially in the warm/hot weather and a deck chair for yourself if you want to sit around the ring and not in the car and a drink for yourself too.

6. AVOID FEEDING YOUR DOG for at least 3 HOURS  before attending our training school and we suggest you make sure you rest your dog for at least 1 hour after exercise/training before feeding your dog, this is because dogs can have bloat or a stomach torsion which is life threatening.

7. Agility, Parkour and Bloopers Hoopers dogs MUST WEAR a flat/rolled collar and clip on lead(but you may also have a slip lead/gentle leader on the dog whilst waiting your turn if its easier for you to control it)with no name tags or bling attached.

PUPPIES MUST WEAR a collar.  We also suggest a ‘rigid’ harness as apposed to a controlling harness for toy breeds and very small puppies and a training lead. We suggest Lizzie at Sewing Habit for the training leads and her details maybe found on my link page of this website or another favourite of ours where we buy all our dogs harnesses from is SASS canine equipment near Thetford.  Very helpful lady and the harnesses are not expensive for made to measure. 

We like SASS as her harness give the dogs freedom of movement round the neck and shoulders which is very important and also provides exceptional comfort for the dogs. However, the smallest size made is for a Cocker spaniel.  Ruff wear and Copenhagen harnesses are also very good for dogs especially those smaller than a Cocker Spaniel.

OBEDIENCE, PARKOUR, RALLY OBEDIENCE, HOOPERS AND PRIVATE LESSON DOGS MUST WEAR a collar with a fixed training lead attached.  We do prefer a harness to save the dogs neck and research is showing that dogs walked on a harness are more comfortable providing the correct harness is worn.

We appreciate everyone has their own views on canine equipment and tools and this is fine, however here at ‘On the Scent’ we prefer that the following are not used.  CHECK CHAINS, PRONG COLLARS, E-COLLARS, HALF CHECKS and RETRACTABLE/ FLEXI LEADS.  Thank you.

Make sure your dog has a name tag/or printed details on the collar with your contact details on.  This is required by law.

8 A.  We would like your companion to be successful during their time with us so we ask everyone to bring tasty high value treats like boiled chicken especially for puppies, liver cake for dogs over the age of 12 months, mild cheese, ham, JR Pet product pate and try to vary it but also bring low value treats like kibble or hard biscuits as well.  For agility, hoopers and parkour please only use soft high value treats to avoid choking.  NO  DRY TREATS.  Please note; IF your dog is on a special diet then be advised by your vet.

8 B.  Bring a toy that you only get out when you are going to interact with your puppy/dog.  Not a toy which is left out for them all the time and if under 9 months of age please avoid tennis balls due to skeletal frame development.

9. NO BITCHES IN SEASON ALLOWED to attend classes. They need to be clear for at least 5 days before returning.  You will not be charged for bitches not being able to attend during this time.

10. We ask that you do not allow your dog to pee up any of the TRAINING EQUIPMENT or the CONES as this causes other dogs to do the same and tarnish our equipment and we also request that you do not allow your dogs or children to CLIMB ONTO the arena wire, any gates or other equipment.  This is for your dogs and child’s safety.  Equally, children are welcome providing they are respectful of our premises and are happy to sit quietly during the class.  We are not responsible for your children and any accidents or injury whilst at our premises will be your responsibility and we will not be liable or held responsible.

11 A.   SPACE:  We do suggest that you all give yourselves space between you and the neighbouring dog and that you avoid allowing your dogs to eyeball each other as this is how sparks fly.  You are responsible for your own dog and its behaviour.  We strongly advise EVERYONE takes the mindset and assumes that ALL dogs are REACTIVE rather than all dogs are friendly as sadly today the public assume all dogs are friendly hence the increase in dog fights and people being bitten!

11 B.  We also suggest that you keep entrances to premises, the training ring and shed doorway clear, again to prevent sparks flying between dogs. AVOID THE NEED TO FEED ANOTHER HANDLERS DOG without the handlers permission as some dogs are food possessive or are on special diets.

11 C.  Whilst we do everything in our power to make your visit fun and as safe as possible, It is very important that you accept responsibility for your own dogs behaviour at our dog school.  Should you allow your dog to invade another dogs space he/she may get bitten as the dog on the lead may feel threatened or is timid/nervous ‘On the Scent’ are not responsible for any injuries incurred.

11 D.  As we train outside on an enclosed field, it is advised that everyone attending the venue wear sensible shoes and clothing as the ground is uneven in places and there are holes made by visiting wildlife.  We will not be held responsible if you fall and injure yourselves.  Equally if during the classes you are asked to do anything you are not happy with eg walking backwards, letting your dog off lead etc then please feel free to decline. 

12. PLEASE BE CONSIDERATE and give us at least ONE WEEKS notice by text to 07784 349976 if you are unable to attend our classes at any time or you may still be charged.  NOTE:  Puppy and obedience classes are to be used within 20 week however this does take into account if we cancel a class and for client holidays and dogs and bitches being neutered or spayed.
If for any reason you are unable to attend any classes for 3 CONSECUTIVE WEEKS WITHOUT NOTIFYING US we will assume you no longer require the place and it will be given to someone else and a refund will not be given.

13. ALL classes are run on a ten(10) week basis.  We ask everyone to pay for their chosen 10 weeks activity by BACS PAYMENT within FOUR DAYS  OF THE TASTER SESSION to : Santander Business ACCOUNT : 04830024.   SORT CODE; 09-01-50; Name on account: MRS SW TAYLOR ON THE SCENT Please then let us know payment has been made.  Unfortunately we are unable to hold places without payment.

14. CLASSES BEING CARRIED FORWARD;  We only carry a class forward for the following : a bitch in season, spaying or castration and of course holidays along with those who give minimum of  one weeks notice of absence, so please be considerate and give us at least this amount of time if you are aware you will be absent or you are likely to be charged. We accept that bitches come into season without notice and for this reason will not be charged in these circumstances but do let us know so we can be sure you are not charged.  Please Note that as of January 2022 we are no longer able to carry forward classes where clients are absent due to Covid 19.

15.  ARRIVING TO CLASS: We really appreciate it if all clients would arrive 5 to 10 minutes earlier than class starts to allow for registration and to help your dog settle as we do start on time and this saves disruption to other clients and their dogs.  We accept that there are those occasions when un foreseen road closures  or traffic can cause delays.

16.  By joining On the Scent for any of our services you are stating you have read and agree to all of our terms and conditions

17.  ***NOTE ***WARM and HOT weather.  PLEASE NOTE:  This Term and Condition applies to private clients as well as clients who attend any of our classes.

We appreciate accidents do occur and car keys can easily get locked inside of vehicles with dogs inside with no windows open on warm and hot days.  In the event that this should happen you must come and alert us as all of us trainers have a duty of care which means that should this happen we will either help you call a local locksmith or if this will take too long then we will ask you to smash the window of your car or you give us permission to do so to get your dog out if it is panting.  This will all be video recorded for both your protection and ours.  DOGS DIE IN WARM CARS. Outside temperature of  just 19-20 degrees Celsius means that just after 10 minutes the inside of your vehicle will reach 30.56 degrees Celsius and after 30 minutes 39 degrees Celsius.  We will not wait for your dog to be in a distress state and frothing at the mouth before it is removed as by this time the internal organs will already be cooking.(dogs cook form this inside out)  If you choose not to smash the window we will call 999 and this will also be video recorded as if the dog dies the evidence needs to be produced in court.  Six months minimum prison sentence along with a fine.  Obviously we all hope this never happens but it can and it is no ones fault but the life of the dog is of upmost importance.  As you are all aware we do have cameras on site already. 

REFUNDS :  Once you have booked and paid for your private lessons, chosen course or courses we are not obliged to give refunds. 

OTHER SUGGESTIONS:  It is a great idea to exercise your dog BEFORE attending the classes as this will take the ‘fizz’ out of them before taking part in the class.

CONTACT for training: telephone number; Sophia  text 07784 349976 between 9 am and 6 pm.

At ’ON THE SCENT’ we teach responsible dog ownership and hope you will all continue to promote this once you leave our classes.


There are lots of differing views and opinions on vaccinations and after much research we now accept three yearly vaccination boosters providing it is with the licensed three yearly vaccine. However, Lepto must be done annually. We do not insist dogs are vaccinated against  Kennel Cough as there are several strains of this.  If your dog is not vaccinated we can sometimes arrange to train off site.


Checking classes are taking place:

We ask all CLASS clients to please telephone 01359 233049 EVERY WEEK AFTER 9.15 am on SATURDAYS and AFTER 10.15 am SUNDAY TO FRIDAY.

IF the class is cancelled there will be a message to this effect. We take no responsibility for your wasted journey.


Finally what you need to wear... Be comfortable but we do advise strongly that you wear only closed footwear, No flipflops or open sandals for safety reasons.

Polite reminder that everyone who attends our dog school parks any vehicles on our premises at their own risk and we take no responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle or its contents.