Private & One-to-One Clients

Please Read Carefully

  • All 121 sessions are booked in advanced by phone on  and paid in advanced by 07784349976 by BACS within 24 hours of booking the place.
  • The ’On the Scent’ opening hours are 8 am to 7 pm Monday to Saturday. We have a 24 hour answer machine.  As far as possible we do our best to return all calls within 2 – 4 working days excluding weekends.
  • The 121 sessions are held at our venue in Great Ashfield, outside and for one and a half hours(initial assessment)then one hour thereafter.
  • If you need to cancel your pre-booked session then we need 24 HOURS notice otherwise you will still be charged and a refund will not be able to be given nor the session carried forward.  We appreciate that on the odd occasion this may not be possible.  Life gets in the way at times.
  • We appreciate it if cancellations are done by texting 07784349976.
  • Please note once you have booked your private lesson or your block, NO REFUNDS are given.
  • In the event that ‘On the Scent’ has to cancel your session we will call you and then your session will be carried over and a new appointment made.
  • Please arrive on time or a few minutes earlier to your session as failure to do so will mean that you will not be able to have your full session due to another clients appointment after you.
  • On your first visit you must bring with you your dogs original up to date vaccination record, not a photocopy as without it you maybe sent home if we are unable to contact  your vet for the information required.  In the event of this happening and we are unable to go ahead no refund will be given.  Only fully vaccinated dogs are permitted on to the premises.  Kennel cough vaccinations are not required.
  • If your dog is not vaccinated we can arrange to meet you off our premises.
  • Bring high value food rewards, your dogs favourite toy which you do not leave down on the floor all the time, pooh bags, water for your dog and lots of enthusiasm !
  • NO CHECK CHAINS, E COLLARS, PINCH COLLARS ETC ARE PERMITTED.  Half check collars are permitted.
  • Aggressive dogs must wear a basket muzzle.
  • Wear sensible shoes and clothing as it gets very windy and cold at the venue and in the wet weather the field in places maybe muddy.
  • There are now lavatories at this venue for use in an emergency.

Polite reminder:  All clients park their vehicles on our premises at their own risk.  We take no responsibility for loss or damage to the vehicle or its contents.

I look forward to meeting you and your dog.

Thank you,