On The Scent dog training

At On The Scent we hold classes in:

We are the creator of the ‘Seated’ training games here in the UK, so you have seen it here first.

Watch this space for our ‘Seated’ training games or contact us for further information.

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At 'On the Scent' we believe that by encouraging kindness, fairness, boundaries, limitations and affection guardians will build a strong bond with their canine companion built on mutual trust and respect.

All training carried out is achieved through play, praise and food reward and all clients are assured that even after the training session is over, they have the opportunity to contact us by telephone or whatsapp should a query or problem arise before the next class or meeting.

After encouraging results with our own dogs, we also teach ‘clicker’ training in our classes which is proving more and more popular with our clients.

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All classes are held outdoors in an enclosed meadow where there is plenty of space with lots of scents which may be encountered on a walk and having the space we are able to set up “dummy walk” situations for recalls away from other people and/or other dogs.

All dogs are welcome to our classes, but it may be of interest to know that the hunt, point & retrieve breeds are our speciality. (Read more about HPRs here.)

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