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Dogs And Children

We all hope our much loved family dog is going to be friendly with everyone it meets and unless a dog is known to be people/child aggressive the chances are the dog will be fine.

But just because your dog is fine with people and children does not mean that other people’s dogs are going to be.  The dogs may not have been socialised and therefore not used to the sudden movements children make or the scream of excitement.

Dogs are animals first and like us can and do have their off days.  They may not feel too well and prefer not to run about too much.

They may be off their food or the weather is hot and they feel irritable. 
Also we do not like everyone we meet and some dogs can take a dislike to some people without any apparent reason.

Below are suggestions to help everyone of all ages on how to approach a dog safely.

Hope you find this helpful.  There is a lot more information on ‘children and dogs’ on the internet and if you log onto the Kennel Club website  www.kennelclub.org.uk  there is a section on ‘child safety around dogs’ and an online interactive link called ‘safe and sound’  www.safeandsoundwithdogs.org.uk  that parents and children can play together.  But it is very good for just the adults to watch too.

Have fun and keep safe!